Dj CEO Queen


Dj CEO Queen

I have over 25 years of experience in all facets of client services, human resource management, strategic planning, financial planning, event planning and management, marketing, promotion, project management, assessment, facilitation, and is responsible for advising and consulting with management and clients in order to resolve problems and promote better understanding of Human Resource Management and Strategic Planning practices, among other things.


I am a music lover. My love of music grew out of her childhood days in Jamaica and my membership and involvement in the St. Anne’s Marching Band. My love and passion for music, did not die when I migrated to Canada, but continued when I settled in Halifax, Nova Scotia and became a Radio DJ and show host at CKDU-FM with a three-hours news, and music programmes where I spent over 6 years bringing a fresh Caribbean sound with my voice and musical rhythms from the Caribbean.  I also worked as a DJ for special events and private parties


In addition to music, I am determined to fulfill my purpose driven life’s journey to give back through community outreach, and working with NGOs anywhere in the world where I can utilize my education, skills, experiences, passion for helping others by impacting and enhancing their lives, and sharing what I describes as my caring and big heart with mental health, the disability sector, drugs and alcohol addictions, homelessness, hunger, and at risk youths in the music industry.

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