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I Started off at Law hospital…done sport Saturday afternoon and 3 night slots then progressed to some work with radio Clyde and left to take up an singing career with a covers band. All Flavas Radio has now given me the opportunity to get into radio.

Dj Cammy It’s a pleasure to be part of a good and up running radio, This is my first time on air and I am loving every minute of it, My shows for the next few weeks will be on a Tuesday and Thursday at 1pm – 3pm due to training and i will hopefully […]

I’m very pleased to be part of a great band of brothers and sisters here at all flavas radio. I have been a radio presenter for almost 11 years (Hospital Radio) My own Radio and a variety of other( internet radios ) But by far this has to be the best by far, You can […]

“With over 10 years’ experience, the North London based DJ has had music on the mind from a very young age being brought up on Motown and Soul, and learning a love for Hip-Hop at a young age.   Having made his club debut at W Hotel, Leicester Square, Charlie went from strength to strength […]

Hi ya Lucian Angel  Here just a bit about myself. I just love music it gets me thinking about everything my first love of music  is Lovers Rock even when I was in school age 10 years old singing it by myself in my room …when I went to secondary  school it got even better […]

DJ Ni-G From birth music was already flowing through my veins. At the age of 6 I was already belting out folk songs and hymns at school and my local Church in Laborie, St Lucia singing both alto and soprano when the need arose. A Musician by nature, I joined various Musical Bands in St […]

Hey Flava Family…… Music brought me closer to my friends. Music brings my family together. Music helped me find my wife and have 3 great kids. Music motivates me! I enjoy playing at parties watching how music creates a vibe that brings everyone together. Music will always be part of my life! Let’s get to know each other…….. What’s your […]

I bought my first record when I was 9 and nearly forty years later I haven’t stopped. I grew up, in and around sound systems for many years, I actually love music more than food. Music can change your mood, make you happy and indeed make you sad, every song has a memory and story. […]

DJ – Choreographer – Manager – Promoter – Engineer – Animateur Lloyd Bertrand, also known as Ninjaman Lloyd, was born under the birth sign of Virgo, 10th September, 1958 in the capital city of Basterre, Guadeloupe, French Caribbean. Up rooted from a French Creole and English speaking background. Graced with a talent gift to enrich and bring […]

My love for music started in the 80’s, were I would sneak out and go and listen to music at Dick Shepard school to various sounds which encouraged me  and two friends to set up a sound called “3’s Company” were I played at clubs and parties in south London my love for music is […]

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